ThreeTen backport 1.6.8 API

A new Date and Time API for JDK 8 is being defined by JSR-310. This project is a backport of the API to JDK 7.

Please note that this is NOT an implementation of JSR-310. Only JDK 8 can contain an implementation of the JSR. This project simply mirrors the API in a different package. It is intended for use in applications that want an easy migration from JDK 7 to JDK 8.

All Packages ThreeTen Support classes (do not use) 
Package Description
The main API for dates, times, instants, and durations.
Support for calendar systems other than the default ISO.
Provides classes to print and parse dates and times.
Simulates JDK 8 features on JDK 7.
Access to date and time using fields and units.
Support for time-zones and their rules.