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Version Date Description
1.0 2016-06-13 v1.0
0.9 2014-12-09 v0.9
0.8 2014-02-10 v0.8

Release 1.0 – 2016-06-13

Type Changes By
Add PackedFields. Provide packed integer representations of dates and times Fixes #57. jodastephen
Clarify YearQuarter docs. Fixes #58. jodastephen
Add isBefore/isAfter to Interval. Fixes #48. jodastephen
Extend Interval to parse more formats. Fixes #50. steve-o
Add Hours and Minutes classes. Fixes #52, #14. raupachz
Add YearWeek class, handling the ISO week-based-year. Fixes #36, #38. raupachz
Add Symmetry calendar systems. Fixes #42, #43. catull
Add International Fixed calendar system. Fixes #31. catull
Make YearQuarter.parse case insensitive. jodastephen
Make YearQuarter.toString output '+' for large years. jodastephen
Add British Cutover calendar system. Models British Julian-Gregorian cutover on 1752-09-14 (ISO). Fixes #29. jodastephen

Release 0.9 – 2014-12-09

Type Changes By
Add Interval class. Fixes #2. jodastephen
Add Accounting calendar system. Fixes #27. Clockwork-Muse
Add Discordian calendar system. Fixes #23. Clockwork-Muse
Add Temporals helper methods to convert TimeUnit to/from ChronoUnit. Fixes #22. jodastephen
Add Pax calendar system. Fixes #17. Clockwork-Muse
Fix handling of with(era). Fixes #18 / #20. Clockwork-Muse
Add Ethiopic calendar system. Fixes #11. jodastephen
Add Julian calendar system. Fixes #10. jodastephen
Add Weeks class. Fixes #3. jodastephen
Extend conversion between amount types. Handle conversions in from(TemporalAmount) using Temporals.convertAmount(...). Fixes #7. jodastephen
Add Temporals.convertAmount(...). Allows an amount in one unit to be converted to an amount in a different unit. Fixes #6. jodastephen
Add Months.ofYears(int). Support weeks in Months.from(TemporalAmount). Support weeks in Months.parse(CharSequence). Fixes #5. jodastephen
Add Days.ofWeeks(int). Support weeks in Days.from(TemporalAmount). Support weeks in Days.parse(CharSequence). Fixes #4. jodastephen

Release 0.8 – 2014-02-10

Type Changes By
First modernized version. jodastephen

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Version: 1.0. Last Published: 2016-06-13.

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